How to keep your sports routine on vacation?


Ah, the holidays, finally! Travel, friends, adventures, rest, aperitifs. And his sports routine in all this? Here are four tips to help you keep your flow, even during a well-deserved break.

1/ Make your new space your own for playing sports:

Whether you change location every 2 or 3 days, or stay in the same place for the duration of your vacation, it is essential to make your new places your own to feel good and find new ways to practice your sport vacation.

How to appropriate a new space for your holiday sport?

It starts by exploring your new surroundings, and taking the time to really observe what is in front of you.

Does your home or vacation spot offer new opportunities?

Maybe you tend to arrive, quickly scan the place, and move on. Take the time to look at spaces and find a place that appeals to you more than others, that seems familiar and/or welcoming. This place could be the place for your sports routine, your yoga, or your meditation.

The surrounding area: the best way to discover a new place? By going for a run! As soon as I arrive in a new place, I put on my sneakers and go exploring. This is simple and quick, allows you to locate yourself in the space, identify cool spots, and do your sport! Of course you can also do it while walking.

2/ Re-create a routine:

It is important to recreate a routine, to tell yourself that perhaps every morning when you wake up, or when you return from the beach, or before dinner, you will take the time to do your sport and/or meditate.

The routine doesn't necessarily have to be the same as the routine outside of vacation. You are in a new place, with a new rhythm, and on vacation! So adapt your routine to keep it realistic and achievable.

Here are my little tips that can make the difference:

  • meditation upon waking up, even if only for 5 minutes. Take the time, visualize your day, be grateful to be on vacation and in such a place.
  • a sporting activity depending on the day's schedule. It's even easier if it's already included in the program: hiking, walking on the beach, swimming, walking to explore, etc. If your day is not of a sporting nature, then perhaps just after meditation in the morning, or just before dinner/aperitif, take the time to do 15 to 30 minutes of training or muscle strengthening. You will feel proud of yourself!

3/ An opportunity to test new things

Vacations are a great opportunity to try new activities! Kayaking, canyoning, trail running, paragliding, diving, swimming for an hour, going for a long hike, climbing, paddle, surfing, hiking... There is bound to be a new sporting activity to try.

Or “simply”, take the time to do that workout or yoga flow that you love so much but which may be too long for your schedule outside of the holidays. Or, try meditation, 10 minutes can be enough thanks to mobile meditation applications. All those little things where normally you would say to yourself “I don’t have time”, well, take the time.

Your body and mind will really enjoy resting while trying new movements.

4/ No room for judgment: doing sport is a pleasure!

You are on vacation ! Your body and mind need to rest. So no room for “I should have run this morning”

“my km time was super high today”

“yesterday I didn’t do sport, I’m bad”

“I’m losing my level” etc etc…

Resting is part of any training plan and you deserve to savor your time off and the days you decide to rest. If you postpone a sports workout until the next day, see it as an additional break for your body, to better recover and regenerate.

If you already manage to keep a sports routine, try new activities, and relax, you will have succeeded in your mission “to keep a sports routine even on vacation”!

Good holidays,


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