Eco-responsible t-shirts - Men

Circle Sportswear eco-responsible men's t-shirts: for sport or for the city, choose ethics and sustainability

After food, textiles are the second largest expenditure item. And if there is one item of clothing that everyone has several copies in their closets, it's the t-shirt. Men's T-shirt, women's T-shirt, unisex T-shirt, yes, the t-shirt is a piece of clothing that can easily be described as universal.

In fact, if you have decided to consume more responsibly to participate, at your level, in preserving the planet's resources, choosing an eco-responsible and sustainable t-shirt is not a trivial act. It is the sign of a personal commitment to change things. So that things move in the direction of more environmental respect .

Choosing an eco-responsible t-shirt: beyond the purchase, awareness

When we decide to buy a new t-shirt to replace an old one that may have only lasted a few weeks or months, we don't really realize what that really entails. Transport, the journey, the stages of production, processing and distribution. Plus everything related to its use. Obviously, we don't realize to what extent a simple t-shirt can have such a heavy impact on the environment .

To produce the fiber for a non-recycled t-shirt, it will take more than 50 grams of fertilizers and pesticides, for example. The same amount of oil will be needed for tractors and other vehicles, and 156 liters of water will be needed.

Then, the different stages of transforming the fiber into a men's t-shirt will require a lot of energy consumption, as well as water, a lot of water, for dyeing. A dye which, however, is singled out for the harmful chemicals it contains.

This will be followed by transport, often from China (10,000 km), and distribution of the t-shirt. Two positions which, of course, are very impactful for the planet.
But there are still multiple washings, dryings and ironings, until the t-shirt is thrown away before the end of its life.

Every year, 700,000 tonnes of textile waste are thrown away . T-shirts for men, women, children, with sleeves, without sleeves, colorful or plain, all products which polluted and used natural resources to be manufactured, and which also pollute by being thrown away without being collected or recycled.

Choosing an eco-responsible men's t-shirt means choosing to change the codes to make things happen. Learn to consume differently to protect the environment , and above all, definitely opt for the sustainable rather than the disposable. An eco-friendly men's t-shirt today is definitely an eco-responsible t-shirt.

Circle men's t-shirts: when eco-responsibility rhymes with style, lightness and technical performance

Circle Sportswear is a clothing brand committed to limiting environmental impact and contributing to a better world. As such, the entire range of eco-responsible men's t-shirts is designed from recycled materials . But these materials, the reuse of which helps to “clean up” the planet, have another advantage: they are technically efficient .

Iconic, Agility or Manifesto model, the eco-responsible Circle men's t-shirt is above all an extremely light, pleasant to wear and durable product . Furthermore, the materials that make up the different models promote breathability and the evacuation of perspiration . Each eco-responsible men's t-shirt from the Circle Sportswear collection can be worn in the city, for a sports session, for yoga, as running clothing or as climbing clothing .

Sober and stylish, whatever the eco-responsible Circle men's t-shirt you choose, it will accompany you in all your activities without fail.