Our vision

For Sport

A universal and enthusiastic vision of sport! More than a brand, Circle embodies a new way of doing sport: generous, joyful, focused on others and the planet. Circle takes in its wake and with its energy, experienced athletes and beginners alike. One team for the same cause.

For technology

An activist technique that is anything but free to create the (almost) perfect equation between textile technology and sustainability and thus completely rethink the consumption and production of sportswear.

A more local and more responsible production chain
Clothing designed for all athletes
A search for sustainable textiles (design, technology, impact)

For the planet

Circle is the virtuous circle that helps to change one's outlook and attitude towards one's relationship with the environment and sport. All this with honesty and commitment.

The world is our playground, let's protect it.
People are our teammates, let's love them.
Sport is our freedom, let's cherish it.

For the community

If Circle was born in France, the whole world is its community. Because its state of mind (freedom, sustainability, responsibility) has a universal vocation, Circle is more than a community, it is a movement to change its point of view on the world and on sport.

Protect our playground

Protect our playground