Ethical and responsible yoga clothing

Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Hatha Yoga, Warrior Yoga…

All you have to do is choose your practice and we will take care of your outfit.

Comfort and lightness for each of your postures: leggings, shorts, tops…

Alignment from head to toe!


Liberté de mouvement.

Free home delivery from 120€ of purchase in mainland France

Free home delivery from 120€ of purchase in mainland France

Free returns and exchanges in mainland France

Free returns and exchanges in mainland France

Secure payment, possible in 3 installments

Secure payment, possible in 3 installments

Doing yoga is not just about performing postures. Asanas are only a small part of this ancient discipline that is yoga. To embark on the path to self-awareness, and perhaps awakening, through yoga is to adopt a certain vision of life.

One of the most influential concepts in Indian philosophy is that of Ahimsa. Literally, Ahimsa translates from Sanskrit as “non-violence”. In the practice of asanas, Ahimsa teaches us to find the right balance between effort and relaxation in the posture. Don't struggle. Be aware of your own limits and respect them. In a broader sense, Ahimsa is understood as “respect for life”. Do not attack, do not hurt, do not destroy.

Living in yoga means first of all applying this principle of Ahimsa to find a form of harmony. Harmony with oneself, harmony with others, and harmony with the environment. Intrinsically, there is a quest for coherence in this quest for harmony.

Circle Sportswear ethical and eco-responsible yoga clothing allows you to give meaning to your practice by finding this consistency.

Eco-responsible yoga clothing: for ethical yoga practice.

When we talk about yoga, it is almost impossible not to think of the Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit. A fluid sequence of movements and postures, the Sun Salutation is a symbolic representation of the connection to the earth and the sky and the circulation of energy.

The first French yoga clothing brand developed in a circular economy, Circle Sportswear is committed to “zero waste” and acts to protect the environment and preserve its resources. Bras, leggings, T-shirts, all Circle yoga clothing is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable . A philosophy in perfect harmony with the notion of circulation of energy central to yoga. A consistency that all yogis will recognize.

Eco-responsibility is today a new breath, a new breath for the entire sports clothing industry. In this industry, Circle is an innovative collective that wants to make things happen. Developing modes of creation and consumption to move closer to a sustainable model , linked to natural systems. Thanks to their ethical yoga clothing, Circle wants to inspire all yoga enthusiasts, and invite them to take care of themselves while taking care of the planet.

Technical and high-performance yoga clothing for all types of practices.

Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Bikram Yoga or Iyengar Yoga, all types of yoga subject the clothing worn during the session to great constraints. Rubbing, stretching, twisting, the yogi's body is in motion, and so is the yoga clothing!

The materials used by Circle to create their eco-responsible yoga clothing are developed from recycled plastic bottles or pre- and post-industrial nylon. These fibers offer the resistance and elasticity necessary for all forms of practice. Technical, efficient and lightweight, they accompany every movement, every posture, and guarantee maximum comfort , a bit like a second skin.

Sourced exclusively from Europe, the materials that make up Circle yoga clothing have more than 10 environmental certifications and have been tested by experts in more than 20 sports, including Yoga. These are textiles that are increasingly used in eco-responsible fashion because they fit perfectly into a dynamic of circularity. As such, they represent the future of the entire sportswear industry, a future focused on ethics.