Learn to meditate in just 7 days


Learning to meditate in just 7 days and a few minutes a day may seem difficult to achieve, but that's what I'm offering you!

Here are the essentials to understand to start your meditation practice:

  1. What is meditating?
  2. Why meditate?
  3. How to go about it every day?


Live in the moment. This is pure and true meditation, as simple as it may seem.

No need to sit for hours to meditate.

You just need to live every moment of your life to the fullest.

There are different ways to meditate and for some this will be sitting for hours. But other ways are possible and can bring you a lot of well-being in your daily life.

We'll try, starting with a few minutes.

Meditation is one of the 8 limbs of yoga.

Yoga postures help relax the body and mind so that you are ready to meditate.

If I asked you right away to meditate, no matter what you are doing, it would probably be complicated.

You have to prepare for it and this challenge will get you there.


To simply feel good.

We all experience stress on a daily basis, whether through work, loved ones, family, children, and beyond, the problems of the planet and our generation.

Meditation can help you refocus, get rid of all the little unnecessary things, and get back to basics, to living fully.

No more stress.

More aggression.

A slowing heart rate.

Much more effective adaptation to situations.

Refocusing and being in tune with yourself helps you manage everyday life, and also know how to recognize when things are not going well.

This is being fully conscious.


By following the challenge that I propose to you for 7 days.

Let yourself be guided and focus on the small tasks you will have to try each day.

It won't take you much time so find it to get better :)


Day 1

Lie down on a mat or on your bed.

Close your eyes.

Relax your whole body.

All the muscles of the body are relaxed.

Focus on this release and only that.

With each exhalation, you will relax all the muscles in your body.

With each exhalation, you have placed your body here and now.

Release everything.

This is all you have to do.

Do this for as long as you want.

To do in the morning, evening or during the day.

Regardless, treat yourself to a moment of complete relaxation.

You have the power to do this.

Day 2

Start a timer and see how long it takes you to do the same thing as day 1.

No stress, we are here to learn and try.

Lie down on a mat or on your bed.

Close your eyes.

Relax your whole body.

Take the time you need to observe your entire body and relax.

Note how long it took you to be completely relaxed.

No record here, we accept and discover our time.

To do in the morning, evening or during the day.

Day 3

Set the timer for 5 minutes.

Do exactly like day 1.

Scan your entire body in a lying posture.

Relax all the muscles in your body.

Don't think about time.

Simply relax at your own pace.

To do in the morning, evening or during the day.

Day 4

Sit on a chair without leaning back (a stool would be perfect).

Stand straight.

Feet flat on the ground.

Hands on knees.

Your body is relaxed but alert.

Your back remains straight.

Your facial muscles relaxed.

Your eyes are closed.

You will visualize your body in this posture.

Feel your buttocks resting on the stool.

Your back straight.

Your body is relaxed in this seated posture.

Focus on your body by finding your balance between relaxation and concentration in a seated posture.

To do in the morning, evening or during the day.

Day 5

Start a timer.

In the same posture as day 4.

Sit on a stool.

Back straight and eyes closed.

Here you will visualize the discomfort.

Note the tensions.

Write down the thoughts that come up.

Write down your mood.

Try to feel how you are mentally in this posture.

And simply go through your body to notice all of this and accept.

Accept being uncomfortable, having tension, or being bothered by thoughts.

Note how long it took you to notice all of this.

To do in the morning, evening or during the day.

Day 6

Sit in a seated posture on the floor.

Cross-legged with a cushion under the buttocks.

Or simply on your knees in the Japanese style, Zen posture.

If this is too restrictive, return to the stool.

Close your eyes.

Keep your back straight.

Place your hands on your knees.

Scan your entire body to relax it with each exhale.

Help yourself to breathe to stay focused on this complete relaxation in this posture.

The back remains straight.

Find the balance between relaxation and an alert body.

Take the time you need.

To do in the morning, evening or during the day.

Day 7

In the same posture as day 6.

You will relax.

And this time you will concentrate only on the breath.

No more thinking about the body relaxing when exhaling.

You will simply breathe through your nose.

Feel the air coming in when you inhale.

Which runs throughout the body.

And feel the air that comes out when you exhale.

Notice your inner calm each time you exhale.

Enjoy this moment.

Forget about time.

Just be comfortable in this posture right now.

To do in the morning, evening or during the day.

Here you have just learned how to meditate in the simplest way.

You see that there are different ways of doing things, lying down or sitting.

The goal here is to learn to focus on one thing at a time.

To help you with your breathing to go even further.

Take the time to repeat this challenge as many times as you need and can bring you well-being.

Time yourself each time if you want to see progress or just notify yourself of changes.

If you can't find the time, set a timer of 5 minutes or more during your day and take a mini break for your own good.

You have the power to change things.

Take this precious time to do yourself some good.

Watch the explanatory video here:

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