How to opt for responsible sports practice?

On a daily basis, you have gotten into the habit of opting for simple, but more eco-responsible reflexes, which often allows you to save money and do something for the planet. For your sports practice, it's exactly the same thing! There are good reflexes to have and new habits to adopt to choose a responsible sporting practice.

Greener sportswear

For responsible sports practice, it all starts with the sports clothing you are going to buy. Indeed, we know that the textile industry is one of the most polluting, which is why in sport as for the rest, it is important to opt for good quality clothing that you will wear for as long as possible.

At Circle, we not only offer high quality, durable and technical clothing, suitable for sports, but also made from recycled materials. You therefore have the possibility of opting for a complete outfit made from recycled fibers, which will be all the more interesting to minimize your impact on the planet. Greener sports clothing is therefore a first step towards responsible sports practice!

This also applies to washing sports clothing which may not need to undergo a long, very hot wash after each session. This will allow you to save water and energy, limit your impact on the planet and your expenses, but also avoid prematurely damaging your outfit.

Used or rental equipment

Depending on the type of physical activity you plan to practice, choosing second-hand or borrowed or rented sports equipment is of course preferable, and even more so if you are a novice. If you are embarking on a new activity, there is no need to buy the complete equipment from your first sessions, borrow it online or opt for second hand, you will save money and have no regrets if you abandon the practice only after a few sessions.

There are indeed many online resources to opt for second hand or even rent equipment. The opportunity to adopt a more responsible sporting practice, but also to discuss with the owners of the items in question to find out their recommendations, for example.

A more eco-responsible sporting practice

Choosing responsible sports practice in itself can also make a big difference. For example, avoid long journeys to get to the gym or your place of practice and favor the use of public transport or places close to home whenever possible. If you have chosen to practice in nature, remember to stay on the marked paths and respect the regulations on site, such as not collecting plants or throwing waste into nature of course.

What’s more, there are clubs and gyms with the “Responsible Sport” label. This label rewards places carrying out actions for the environment, integration or diversity. Supporting this type of place will therefore be much preferable for responsible sporting practice!

Experiment with plogging

Plogging is a bit like the sporty version of the clean walk. During your jogging session, for example, take a small bag with you to collect any waste you may find along the way. You thus actively participate in preserving the environment while practicing physical activity. A responsible sporting practice that is very easy to implement during each of your outings!

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