Running Feel Good

Running Feel Good: the fuel (which does not pollute) for the well-being of the body and mind.

Ready to discover the ultimate secret to well-being? Running is much more than just an activity. It's a way of life, the fuel (which does not pollute) and which boosts you, both physically and mentally. Prepare your back-to-school outfit and put on your sneakers, we'll take you on an overview of why running is much more than a race.

The endorphin boost

When you run, your body starts producing these happy endorphins. Think of them as little boosts of happiness that chase away worries and leave you with a smile on your face. Running is your daily dose of good vibes.

Escape and explore

The road becomes your playground, each stride an opportunity to explore. Whether you are in the city or in the great outdoors, each run is a moment to escape from everyday life. Say goodbye to the screen and make way for adventure.

Trust at the top

Every kilometer traveled is a victory. Achieve goals, break through barriers, and discover self-confidence you never imagined. Running pushes you to reach new heights and confidence follows you everywhere.

Instant zenitude

Need a reset? Nothing better than a good running session to release the pressure. Endorphins at work, rhythmic breathing: it's a real active zen session. Leave stress behind and welcome serenity.

Connected and boosted

Running can be solo or in a group, it's up to you, but in all cases it connects you. Runners around the world share this passion. Join our connected community Circle Run Club on Strava , exchange tips, share smiles. The streets become your playground, and the running family is there for you. And to learn more with coaches and the Circle community, join Circle Run Club every week in Paris and Annecy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Running is more than just an activity, it is a total experience, a way of life. Endorphins, exploration, confidence, zen and connection - running is your Feel Good ally. No need to be a pro, just get out, get moving and feel the power of running for your body and mind.

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