Ecological water bottles

Circle Sportswear eco-friendly water bottles

At a time when global warming is becoming more worrying than ever, there are certain small daily actions that can have a big impact on the health of the planet. Reducing your personal consumption of plastic by using an ecological water bottle to hydrate yourself is one of these actions.

Every minute around the world, more than a million plastic bottles are sold. Bottles which, unfortunately most of the time, will be thrown away after use without any sorting for recycling. Bottles which, ultimately , will end up in the oceans and threaten the lives of many marine animals.

Reducing plastic consumption is a major environmental issue today . By adopting the Circle Sportswear ecological bottle on a daily basis, you are participating in a far from negligible way in preserving the health of the planet, but also yours.

Ecological water bottles and eco-responsible water bottles: combat the disastrous consequences of plastic

Plastic takes more than 4 centuries to degrade in nature. A degradation which, in the process, contaminates the entire food chain. It is estimated that today, 150 million tonnes of plastic pollute the oceans . In the Pacific Ocean, there is literally a floating plastic dump whose surface area is 3 times the size of France.

Yes, there is an emergency. Urgency to change our consumption habits, urgency to make things happen. Because all this plastic waste kills turtles, seals and whales. But they are also found in fish and shellfish, which we then consume. Humans also swallow plastic, in the form of microplastics and nanoparticles .

The governments of different countries as well as eco-responsible brands such as Circle Sportswear are committed to successfully recycling 100% of plastic materials. But the task is still long. In France, we are only at 20%. It is therefore most important that each of us, personally, act. In particular and simply by adopting an ecological bottle to carry your water or hot drink to the office, the gym, or during your running sessions.

Why choose the Circle Sportswear ecological bottle?

In France, tap water is of very high quality. So, in reality, there is no reason to buy plastic bottled water. On the other hand, there are many good reasons to opt for the Circle ecological bottle:

The Circle bottle is eco-responsible

To date, the ecological water bottle is the best alternative to the plastic bottle . It is even an emblem of individual ecological awareness for greater eco-responsibility and the fight against polluting waste.

The Circle water bottle is durable and economical

All Circle Sportswear products are designed to last as long as possible . The Circle eco-friendly bottle is made with this same idea of ​​sustainability. At work, at sport, on vacation or at home, the eco-responsible Circle water bottle will follow you everywhere. Shock resistant , it will accompany you for several years. And if you do the math, in the long term, it will cost you less than buying water in disposable plastic bottles.

The Circle bottle is hygienic

For several years now, plastic water bottles have been controversial from a health point of view because of the plastic nanoparticles that are found in the water consumed. The Circle ecological bottle, for its part, preserves your health. It cleans easily and does not retain odors .

The Circle bottle is practical

The Circle ecological bottle is space-saving and can accompany you in each of your daily activities. Are you suddenly thirsty after your training? No need to look for a store to buy water anymore, all you have to do is fill your Circle bottle!

The Circle bottle is trendy

Sober and elegant design , like all Circle Sportswear products and sports clothing, the ecological bottle will perfectly complete your total eco-responsible look.

Because ultimately, taking care of the planet means having style!