Pilates clothing for women: our selection

Very popular at all ages and for many years, the Pilates method requires wearing appropriate clothing to feel good during practice. At Circle Sportswear, we design clothing for all practices and you will find pilates clothing for women in our selection!

What is pilates?

Pilates, also called the pilates method, is an approach to physical training inspired by yoga, dance and gymnastics. You can practice this sport on the ground, on a mat or using accessories such as balls, springs or even elastics which will be particularly dedicated to creating an imbalance to stimulate the stabilizing muscles.

The exercises are intense, but rather gentle, which means that shocks and impacts can be limited and thus meet the needs of people of all ages. During a complete exercise program, all muscles are used alternately. The abdominal and gluteal areas are particularly stressed, but it is also breathing which has a very special place in the practice.

How to practice the pilates method?

Pilates is most often practiced in group classes in gyms or with dedicated teachers. This allows you to simply go to the site with suitable pilates clothing and benefit from the expertise of the teacher on site, but also from all the equipment. A bit like yoga or fitness, classes are a good way to start and become familiar with the technique. You can also opt for private lessons or practice at home.

There are in fact applications or even online videos that are perfect for practicing at home. However, you must be careful to practice the exercises carefully to avoid any injury. A combination of classes and at-home sessions can be the perfect way to master pilates safely.

What pilates clothing to wear?

The question of the most appropriate pilates clothing must arise when considering this practice. In fact, pilates clothing is very similar to ethical yoga clothing . Pilates clothing for women is in fact most often:

  • Yoga leggings : close to the body, they allow you to perform different movements without hindrance and while being covered. Leggings are therefore a particularly suitable pilates outfit.
  • The yoga or sports bra: it allows the chest to be supported for greater comfort even if significant support is not necessarily necessary here since the practice is done without shock or impact
  • The sports tank top : to wear over the bra if desired
  • Sports shorts: an alternative to leggings to opt for lighter pilates clothing in summer

You will therefore find different models of clothing: black or white cotton pants for example with our long-sleeved t-shirt or a sailor print t-shirt . You can also opt for comfortable leggings with a pocket.

On the feet, no shoes to wear since like yoga and unlike fitness, the method is practiced barefoot. There is no shortage of possibilities in terms of pilates clothing for women, so you can reuse your pilates outfit for many other sports activities such as running for example.

As accessories, a gym or yoga mat will do the trick very well. Discover our ecological yoga mat. You can also bring a comfortable sweatshirt for after the session.

What are the benefits of pilates?

Once the right pilates clothing has been found and the class or practice video chosen, you will be able to enjoy the benefits throughout the sessions. Pilates is a responsible sporting practice.
By putting on your pilates outfit regularly, you will benefit from benefits such as:

  • A flatter stomach
  • Less back pain
  • Better posture
  • More flexibility
  • Less stress
  • Muscles worked in depth
  • Etc.

So all you have to do is find the desired pilates clothing among our selection to begin discovering this gentle and deep sport, very popular with many women but also men 😊 Our products are available with delivery in France and in Europe in 2/3 days and in Paris free delivery by bike!

All Circle models are developed from recycled bottles or industrial nylon. The fabric in our collections is certified biosourced and has numerous environmental certifications. Our products are available in several colors and have support, style and comfort for both women and men. You will find the size you need. Don’t hesitate to consult the reviews on the product sheets!