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You may be sorting your waste but are you trying to reduce it? You go shopping with your tote bag but did you know that it must be used 200 times before the energy consumed for its production is amortized? or that the new electric car you are planning to buy may consume more than a used diesel vehicle? In your opinion, which of bananas, tomatoes, chocolate or beef pollutes the least?

Back to school is the best time to implement new eco-responsible habits! Alex, Circle co-founder, shares his advice with you 👇

As an athlete, we spend our time setting ourselves challenges, motivated by a training plan that evolves, which motivates us. In ecology it's the same: we can also set daily challenges and it's even cooler when we succeed!

Find your hobby horse

Passionate about cooking, fashion, travel, tech... we all have something that motivates us. So why not start there to change our daily habits?

For example, I am passionate about cooking, so I started by gradually reducing my meat consumption, I prepare my own granola, or my homemade spread, I buy seasonal, in bulk and I bring my tuperoirs to the market… to reduce my waste and the carbon impact of my daily diet.

Act with awareness and knowledge

We cannot change what we do not measure (and therefore what we do not understand). Food, transport, consumables, energy… 3/4 of the impacts of our consumption are invisible to our eyes. The carbo application helps you monitor and control your carbon impact. Find out if you are more like Donald Trump or Greta Thunberg when it comes to ecology and take action every day!

Take it step by step

Skipping steps is useless. My advice: go gradually, build your habits over the long term. For example, I started eating meat every other meal, then I enjoyed finding new recipes and today I am 80% vegan!

Totally homemade!

Your scrub with coffee grounds, your laundry with Marseille soap, or your beewrap with beeswax… the internet is teeming with good Do It Yourself ideas.

Well we understand, sometimes doing it yourself is not that simple, and despite the time and energy that we are willing to devote, we don't feel capable of it.

While some people have sewing talents and are quite good at upcycling their old clothes, fashion is not always simple. The creation of sports clothing is even more complex, you have to source the right materials, responsible but also efficient, and weave them so that they are adapted to your practice.

In this case, my advice would be to at least take the time before buying: refuse compulsive buying and choose the most responsible brands possible.

You certainly know Yuka for your food and cosmetic shopping? So we present to you Clear Fashion , the yuka of fashion: find your ethical and eco-responsible outfit!

ps: Circle is first in the ranking of sportswear brands 😉

Some eco-responsible brands that we like: Lamazuna (for toothpaste or solid shampoo), Loom (responsible casual chic), Backmarket (the reconditioned expert)

At Circle, we believe that a good way to commit to the planet is to bring about the change we want to see in the world. Dress sustainably and responsibly is an individual choice, but one that can change everything on a large scale!

Our sportswear is created between 65% and 100% from recycled waste or pre- or post-consumer nylon.

• 49% recycled polyester from Italy from plastic bottles and nylon waste. The bottle is crushed into plastic flakes which are then melted into tiny granules to finally be woven into thread.

• 43% recycled polyamide from Italy, made from nylon waste from production scraps. This innovative fabric required 90% less water consumption than a classic polyamide fabric.

• 8% recycled elastane from Germany made from nylon waste from production scraps. A process that allows more than 90% of the yarn to be recovered during spinning, a great way to reduce waste on production lines.

The new Régénération collection comes from nature. The TencelTM fiber, used in the new t-shirts, comes from recycled wood scraps from eco-managed forests 🌳

A new standard for ethical fashion and natural comfort, TencelTM provides comfort, lightness and softness on the skin.

To go further: find our advice for opt for responsible sporting practice.

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