The ethical sports bra Circle Sportswear

Did you know that 7 out of 10 women experience chest pain after their workout? The reason: they wear a simple bra during their physical training, or a sports bra which does not meet all the requirements in terms of support.

No matter the size of the chest, no matter the type of sports practice, you must always remember that breasts are not muscles. By doing sports, their weight can even be multiplied by 4 or 5! In fact, equipping yourself with a suitable and efficient sports top is anything but an option: it is an absolute necessity to protect the tissues of the chest and thus avoid pain but also a loss of elasticity, and therefore a sagging of the breasts.

Whether you are an experienced sportswoman or more occasional, the Circle Sportswear ethical sports bra will provide you with the necessary and sufficient support .

Its classic and timeless design is suitable for all women, and its design makes it efficient and ultra comfortable for all breasts.

How can the Circle ethical sports bra be so high-performance while being eco-responsible?

The Circle Sportswear ethical sports bra has been tested by experienced athletes in more than 20 different practices. It is extremely effective in supporting the chest during a Pilates or yoga session, but also during more intensive or impact training (tennis, running, HIIT, for example).

Furthermore, the Circle sports bra, thanks to its “second skin” effect , provides exceptional comfort. This comfort is all the more enhanced by the fact that the very soft fabric in which it is made promotes good evaporation of perspiration and good breathing for the skin.

The secret of this ethical sports bra that is as effective as it is comfortable?

The use of recycled materials at the top of textile technology .

Proof that the technical requirements associated with sports clothing do not necessarily imply the use of synthetic materials that pollute the environment. Thanks to the Imparable sports bra, Circle Sportswear once again demonstrates that performance and eco-responsibility are anything but contradictory!

Ethical and eco-responsible, the Imparable sports bra from Circle Sportswear is also committed to protecting YOUR health!

Beyond the environmental issue, there is another big problem with “conventionally” produced clothing: the use of numerous dyes, far from being good for your health.

Indeed, these dyes can cause allergic skin reactions such as contact dermatitis. Worse: they are suspected of causing damage to the liver and kidneys, and even of being responsible in the long term for certain cancers.

In 2002, European regulations therefore prohibited the use of so-called azo dyes, which are particularly harmful and dangerous . But these dyes are still used in many countries. However, most sportswear in the sportswear industry is made in Asia…

A sports bra is closest to the skin, and it is also in contact with perspiration. It is therefore extremely important for your health to choose a sports bra whose fabric and dye are certified free of harmful chemicals .

All recycled materials used to manufacture the Circle ethical sports bra are Oeko Tex® standard 100 certified without chemicals harmful to health.

Because you do sport to do yourself good, and because protecting the environment means taking care of your own health!