Eco-responsible leggings

Eco-responsible and ethical leggings

Never have sports leggings lived up to their name so well! Get In Shape from Circle Sportswear, an ethical and eco-responsible legging model, will very quickly become your best partner in your sporting practice. In other words, you won't be able to do without it!

Designed from recycled materials and manufactured in a factory concerned about the working and living conditions of each of its employees, eco-responsible leggings Get In Shape by Circle is part of the virtuous dynamic of circularity , a creative process that helps protect the planet and its natural resources.

But Circle Sportswear's eco-responsible leggings are also sportswear that adapts to all practices. Yoga, running, HIIT, CrossFit or even bodybuilding, the performance and technicality of the materials selected by Circle give these high-end leggings rare qualities among leggings on the market: versatility, resistance, and comfort in all conditions. sports practice conditions.

We told you: the Get In Shape from Circle Sportswear will become your essential for all your sports sessions and training! It is also perfect to complete your climbing outfit or as Nordic walking leggings !

Ethical leggings based on circularity and suitable for all sports: become an eco-responsible sportswoman thanks to Circle Sportswear!

“A healthy body in a healthy mind” says the Latin proverb. But today we should add “on a healthy planet”!

Each year, the French spend no less than 15 billion euros on sports equipment and services. Good news that we are so sporty in France! However, this consumption is not without its problems. Because the sports industry, and in particular the textile industry, is mainly dominated by big brands with little concern for their environmental impact .

The results ?

  • Massive manufacturing of sports clothing made from highly polluting synthetic materials

  • Transport from Asia which involves a considerable “energy cost”

  • A mode of production that pays little attention to the working and living conditions of “little hands”

  • A release of plastic microparticles with each wash, microparticles which, ultimately , are released into the oceans

A very painful assessment for the environment therefore. And a toll made worse by overconsumption of sports clothing which will either end up in the back of the closet without being worn, or will only have a very short lifespan and end up in the trash.

However, there are solutions. However, it is possible to change things.

How ?

Quite simply by choosing to buy ethical, eco-responsible, resistant and durable sports clothing.

Sports leggings Get In Shape by Circle, like all the brand's other sports clothing, responds precisely to these environmental issues.

The eco-responsible Get in Shape Circle Sportswear leggings: choose eco-responsibility, but also performance!

For Circle Sportswear, there is no question of having to choose between your conscience and your demands for performance.

Thus, by purchasing ethical and eco-responsible leggings Get In Shape , you become an actress for the protection of the environment, but you also choose a product at the top of textile technology and which will accompany you in all your sporting activities.

Whether you are a fan of yoga asanas, endurance running, or interval training, the eco-responsible Circle leggings provide you with:

  • The ideal compression for perfect sheathing (important for recovery after exercise)

  • Breathing necessary for proper evacuation of perspiration

  • Friction resistance synonymous with comfort and durability

All this thanks to recycled and technically innovative materials .

Finally, and because it is important to feel good and feminine even during your sports training, the Circle ethical leggings, available in black and natural green, will give you a sober but elegant look, always highlighting your figure .