Nordic walking leggings Circle Sportswear

Accessible to everyone, Nordic walking is an outdoor sport that attracts more and more people. Not necessarily experienced sportsmen or women, but rather nature lovers who want to exercise while enjoying a breath of fresh air.

Because Nordic walking is not just about putting one foot in front of the other. This is a true endurance sport. Moreover, few sports practices are as complete as Nordic walking: arms, thighs, buttocks, abdominals, 80% of the muscles are used to practice Nordic walking!

And another advantage of this outdoor physical activity coming straight from Finland and inspired by cross-country skiing: it requires little equipment. In fact, to practice Nordic walking you will only need an ecological bottle (preferably) and specific poles for this discipline. These allow you to engage the whole body in walking. They propel forward, and make walking athletic.

However, you should not neglect the choice of your Nordic walking outfit . As with your running clothing , you should carefully select your sports clothing, especially your Nordic walking pants .

For all women who want to take up this discipline as invigorating as it is fun, Circle Sportswear has designed Nordic walking leggings combining technical prowess, eco-responsibility and ethics . Because to fully enjoy nature and all the wonderful spots it has to offer us, we must start by respecting it.

Circle eco-responsible and ethical Nordic walking leggings: protecting our playgrounds is the best way to enjoy them!

Designed with innovative materials, the Circle Sportswear Nordic walking leggings are a model of women's pants with astonishing performance :

- It is sheathing without being tight
- It is light while being ultra-resistant
- It is breathable and allows perfect evacuation of perspiration
- Its cut offers exceptional comfort and excellent support
- It is suitable for all seasons

But above all, the manufacturing of Circle Nordic walking leggings has a very low impact on the planet:
- It is zero waste
- The material used is recycled and produced locally

There is no doubt that practicing Nordic walking will make you feel better in your body. After each outing in nature, you will feel toned and energized. The incomparable comfort that the Circle Nordic walking leggings will offer you will optimize and reinforce this feeling of well-being, as will the awareness of taking concrete action to protect nature. Do you practice Nordic walking in all weathers? Also consider the versatile Circle lanyard !