Circle Sportswear Eco-Friendly Yoga Leggings

Your ethical, comfortable and planet-friendly yoga leggings

Sportswear requires a lot of technical expertise. The materials from which they are made must be elastic, resistant, and breathable. They must not become stained with perspiration, and dry quickly so as not to create discomfort. This is especially true for yoga clothing , especially leggings. The practice is sometimes intensive, and in all cases it gives rise to movements that are restrictive for the textile. However, yoga leggings must hug the body, follow it and accompany it in each movement. It must give the yogi a feeling of absolute comfort, a second skin effect.

This requirement in terms of technicality and performance unfortunately leads the sportswear industry to resort to the manufacture of synthetic materials. Massive production that is highly harmful to the environment, and inconsistent with the very spirit of yoga.

Alongside this, the yoga industry suffers from a sad trend of greenwashing. Indeed, certain brands do not hesitate to put forward unfounded ecological arguments by taking advantage of the health, ethics and eco-responsibility aspirations of yoga practitioners.

So many reasons that motivate Circle Sportswear to adopt a completely transparent approach. No organic cotton grown on the other side of the planet for their yoga leggings, nor bamboo fibers whose manufacturing process is extremely polluting. Only recycled and 100% recyclable materials in order to operate according to a circularity model, the only model guaranteeing the preservation of the planet's natural resources.

The advantages of eco-responsible yoga leggings from Circle Sportswear

Circle yoga leggings have been tested by more than 20 sports experts, practicing yoga, pilates and running. These are sports clothing that have been optimized down to the smallest detail to guarantee you maximum comfort and practicality.

The integrated pocket on the right thigh of the leggings, for example, made from fabric scraps in a zero-waste approach, allows you to carry your phone, your keys, your means of payment or transport with you without harm to your freedom of movement and your well-being.

The high waistband, comfortable and soft, provides good support for the stomach and lower back. Finally, the length of the leggings is ideal for preserving full mobility at the ankles, essential for certain yoga postures.

Circle eco-responsible yoga leggings are made on demand according to the pre-order principle. This helps avoid overproduction and helps to respect natural resources.