To help us make your Circle clothing last as long as possible we also need your help.
We can offer durable, quality materials and commit to repair, upcycling and end-of-life recycling, but without good maintenance all of this loses its value. The goal above all is for you to keep your clothing for a long time.

For sports clothing, the maintenance is different because it must be washed more often. If you haven't sweated in it and it isn't stained but it has picked up odors, don't hesitate to simply air it out.

Temperature matters a lot, washing a garment at 30° or 40° will not change much in terms of odor/bacteria, so you should wash at 30° this will increase the life of the garment and prevent shrinkage and damage. the fiber/filament.
Wash your clothes with similar colors, avoiding anti-fading wipes, which are highly polluting, and without using fabric softeners or any other product of the same type that alters the quality of the fiber.
Above all, never put your Circle clothes in the dryer, it breaks the filaments.
We also recommend that you avoid ironing, especially on Stretch synthetics which do not really require it and can have an impact on the longevity of the fabric.
For Tencel™, drying on a hanger will also save you from having to iron it.

Use a Guppy friend bag to reduce microplastics and not only for our recycled synthetic clothing but also for our Tencel t-shirts. Fibers of natural origin also release microparticles of plastic through the dyes, even if it is much more minimal and especially because there is elastane in the composition otherwise the Tencel™ pills more quickly.

Although we know that these bags are not a long-term solution and that is why we are currently working on solutions regarding the release of microplastics during washing.

Here are also some brands of detergent that we recommend:
Spring and the brand less

By following these few golden rules, you will extend the life of your product.

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