Circle x Alexandra Rosenfeld

At Circle, we love great stories. Tell them, embody them and live them.

It is the story of the collaboration with Alexandra Rosenfeld that we want to share with you today.

Alexandra Rosenfeld, you know her as Miss France 2006 then Miss Europe, but Alexandra Rosenfeld was first a high-level athlete in athletics.

Today, Alexandra is a committed woman for the Environmental Protection and also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher.

For Alexandra, a responsible brand it is a brand that is transparent , towards its community of buyers and towards its community in general. It's a brand anchored in an ethical approach which uses noble materials , and who pays attention to the people who manufacture in the workshops.

His secret dream?

Alexandra Rosenfeld is a person who follows her dreams. Today, her life is the one she has always aspired to: living with her family, near the ocean and the mountains.

Alexandra had another secret dream: to create her own yoga outfit. “This outfit was my whole life because I did 10 years of athletics. I started at 8 years old, and so being in leggings, bras and big t-shirts, it was my outfit forever, the outfit that I like, the comfortable outfit and really the one that I prefer . I wanted to rediscover this madeleine side of Proust. »

 Aware of the difficulty of developing products that were both technical and responsible, she knew that she would need to be supported. Having tested many brands and Circle Sportswear being her favorite, she asked us for support.

“I needed to be accompanied and for me you (Circle) are the best.”

ALEXANDRA X CIRCLE or the start of an adventure

Before contacting us, Alexandra was already in the process of using responsible brands, but she was still missing the technical aspect she was looking for.

For Alexandra, Circle combines maintenance, technicality, responsibility And aestheticism . She also shares with us this desire to improve and continue to learn.

 What I like about you is that you don't take the easy way out, you are constantly surpassing yourself to be ever more responsible, you don't rest on your achievements . »

Alexandra visited us for the first time, in November 2021 in our offices at the Barracks. The start of the collaboration was very smooth – a real “match” ;-)

We quickly agreed on the image of the sun – warm, luminous and circular like the brand. A promising and sunny start which set the tone for the rest of the collaboration.

 From the beginning it was very fluid (…) there were things that were not possible to do, I didn't hold back, I listened. So there was a lot of joint thinking, working hand in hand . »

Follow the sun - A collaboration under the sign of the sun and love

“Follow the Sun because I always want everything to be sunny, bright, smiling and pleasant. »

Alexandra Rosenfeld is an extremely sunny person. We wanted this collaboration to be both in its image and anchored in the Circle universe.

For the names of the models, we gave the first names of the three most important people to Alexandra: Ava and Jim, her two daughters, and Yvette, her grandmother.

It is also a nod to the name of its AJY well-being method “Ayurveda, Joy, Yoga” recently published by Robert Lafont.

Its inspirations and colors

Alexandra was very inspired by the 90s and the end of the 80s, a period of which she is a fan (she loves the series “Strangers Things” in fact).

For the colors, she trusted her intuition which led her towards purple, a color in which she felt good at the time.

‍ “I think the T-shirt is magnificent, I love it so much. If you asked me to change something today, I wouldn't change anything, I love it as is. »

This collaboration brought crazy energy to the Circle team. We hope you love it as much as we do!

NB: Alexandra is 1m73 tall and wears XS in bra and leggings.

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