Clothes to carry your voice: Interview with Fatou


Who said that committing to the environment has to come at the expense of our style?

At Circle, we believe that taking care of the planet starts with taking care of yourself, feeling good in your mind and also in your body. We interviewed Fatou, Circle ambassador, entrepreneur, model and speaker about her vision of impactful fashion and her commitments.

Hello Fatou, what if we started with a little presentation?

My name is Fatou Ndiaye, I am 32 years old, I am of Senegalese origin but I was born in Paris where I grew up. I am co-founder of the impact incubator The Great Village and founder of the women's community The Wonders. All my life I have fought to have what I wanted, to overcome barriers (social, societal or economic) to achieve my dreams. Today I am setting out to put everything I have learned at the service of meaningful projects, to help other enthusiasts realize their dreams.

You are also a member of the supervisory board of Time for the planet and a trade expert for the United Nations… what drives you in all these impact projects?

I am someone who lives in action. I don't understand how we can be confronted with a problem without trying to resolve it, and I think that solutions are born from solidarity. Impact projects are for me a way to participate in making the world a better place and I also believe a lot in the strength of the collective to make things happen.

Is it this solidarity that is at the heart of The Great Village project?

Completely ! The Great Village is a cooperative incubator based on barter, that is to say that each member “donates” a resource (their time, a connection, a tool) to a project that needs it. The member receives “great vibes” in exchange, the value of which is multiplied according to the more or less long-term impact of their resource on society.

What if this isn't a solidarity project?

Beyond money, we all have something to bring to the world and The Great Village allows great initiatives to grow thanks to everyone's participation.

Entrepreneur, activist, model, speaker… where do you find the motivation to take on all these challenges?

I like to talk about myself as a big dreamer: It's important to dream, to find inspiration, but then you have to give yourself the means. I loved fashion when I was little, but we didn't have a lot of money, so I asked my mother to teach me how to sew and I started making clothes for my Barbies. It all starts with a dream, then action.

So you are passionate about fashion, would you say that your style plays a role in your confidence, your self-confidence... in the context of your projects, on stage...?

Of course ! Your physique and clothes are the first thing you see, it's the first image you give, the one that will represent you in the minds of others. Your style allows you to have confidence in yourself, to feel in a good mood, it's also something that gives you power.

“Fake it until you become it” is a bit of my mantra (laughing): the image you give can give you the confidence to become the person you want to be.

Is it important for you to wear clothes that “carry” your values?

I think that beyond self-confidence, with your clothes, and also your sports clothes, you can send messages and inspire people. So yes, the sports clothes you wear are important. We all know, for example, that someone who wears Veja sneakers is sensitive to respecting the environment. For Circle Sportswear it's the same, I feel good because I'm consistent between my actions and the sports outfits I wear, I lead by example.

Beyond respect for the environment, there is also the notion of community which is close to my heart and which I find with Circle, it is for all these values ​​that I became an ambassador.

Do you have a favorite outfit, one that gives you confidence and motivates you?

For work, I'm a big fan of wetsuits, I feel strong, in "field" mode. For the sports outfit, I really like it the Moss bra and leggings set , for comfort, support (I'm comfortable in movement) and also for its style, I love the color.

Besides the clothes and sports outfits you wear, do you have any “feel good” advice to share with us?

Surround yourself with positive people, who transmit good vibes, who have dreams and who give you energy to achieve yours.

But also… prepare a little playlist to boost yourself in the morning.

In mine there is Jump (for my love) by The Pointer Sisters, Live your life by Rihanna or even I am coming out by Diana Ross!

And you: what feel good advice do you want to share with us ☀️?

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