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Very popular in Scandinavian countries, Nordic walking has widely spread to our country to the delight of those who want to exercise while enjoying nature. For even more comfort, Nordic walking clothing will be preferable in order to practice this discipline while feeling comfortable!

What is Nordic walking?

Nordic walking is a responsible sports practice active walking that requires the use of poles. Of Finnish origin, Nordic walking was born in 1920. It was in fact a summer training technique for cross-country skiers. While using ski poles on the asphalt or in the middle of June may make you smile, it is in fact a perfect practice for maintaining good physical condition at any age, but also enjoying your environment during his practice.


As mentioned previously, this practice coming from the cold therefore applies to all seasons. It requires little equipment since only the poles and shoes must be chosen carefully. It is not a simple walk, but there are very specific movements which must be carried out and which can be discovered during an initiation. The movements are designed to gain strength and speed, the step is heavy. The practice can be done in many different environments, but the terrain should preferably be flat and if there are ups and downs they should be smooth.

In other words, Nordic walking is faithful to its origins since it requires the same conditions and movements as for cross-country skiing with the difference that it can be practiced throughout the year in any region. . You can opt to practice alone, but it is also possible to join a club that offers Nordic walking.

What Nordic walking outfit to wear?

The main characteristic of the Nordic walking outfit chosen must be to offer great freedom of movement and a certain level of comfort. Whatever the season, those who practice it must be able to feel comfortable in their actions throughout their hike.


On the top side (just like the bottom too), there is no specific Nordic walking clothing. The Nordic walking outfit can therefore be the same as your usual sports outfit. When the weather is nice and warm enough, a simple T-shirt short-sleeved will do the trick perfectly. Our model is created in a breathable fabric perfect for letting perspiration escape. Women can opt for a sports bra for more support and comfort.

In cold weather, you will of course have to adjust your outfit by adding a jacket. You can choose the jacket for your Nordic walking outfit with pockets, which will be more practical for carrying your phone and keys, for example. A running jacket will also do the job very well for this sport. Elements of Nordic walking clothing can complete the whole in cold weather with a hat or even a sports neck gaiter .


For the bottom of your Nordic walking outfit, just like for running, several options are possible. In summer, the shorts will allow you to maintain freedom of movement while allowing air to circulate, which will be much more pleasant. Our unisex model will be perfect to complete the t-shirt chosen for a summer Nordic walking outfit.

On the other hand, with colder weather, you will rather put together your Nordic walking outfit with pants or even a Nordic walking leggings . OUR yoga leggings or running will be ideal for women. Close to the body, it retains heat while allowing perspiration to escape. It does not restrict movement and shapes the silhouette.

What is the best Nordic walking equipment?

More than the Nordic walking outfit, it is also the poles and the shoes that will have a certain importance in the practice. They are in fact what will allow you to transform a simple walk into a real sporting activity.


Poles are the key piece of Nordic walking equipment. They must therefore be chosen carefully. For this, there is a simple way to carry out measurements. When standing, the arm holding the stick placed on the ground, the elbow must form a right angle, i.e. 90°. Another way is to multiply the height in cm of the person by 0.68, the value obtained will then be the length of their Nordic walking equipment. Depending on the value obtained, it is better to take smaller than larger if you are a beginner. Once you have chosen the right Nordic walking equipment, you can then enjoy the benefits of Nordic walking!


Finally, the choice of shoes will also be decisive in choosing the right Nordic walking equipment. For this practice, we expect the same characteristics as hiking or trekking shoes. They must therefore be comfortable, light, stable, with sufficient grip and good solidity. It is entirely possible to be supported in your choice in store.

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