Padel clothing: how to dress? Circle's advice


Little known to the general public and yet very sporty, technical and fun, the practice of padel is gaining more and more fans. This derivative of tennis therefore requires that you find suitable clothing for its practice. At Circle, we are committed to offering clothing designed for all sports, including padel!

What is padel?

Padel is a racket sport which is similar to tennis with the difference that the court is smaller, but also framed by walls and fences. This framework allows players to use their environment by using bounces on walls and fences, a bit like squash. The service must be done with a spoon and padel is played in doubles.

This sport is supervised by the International Federation of Padel and there are more and more courts to practice this sport. Equipping yourself with balls and a racket is therefore the basic equipment when you want to play padel, but it is also padel clothing that you will have to choose in order to benefit from adequate clothing.

Padel outfit, what to choose?

Padel clothing is mainly clothing that will allow you to create an outfit adapted to the practice of this sport. As it is heavily inspired by tennis, it is not uncommon for similar clothing to be worn.


When the course is indoors, a basic piece of padel clothing will of course be a t-shirt. Practical, breathable, easy to wear, the eco-responsible sports t-shirt is perfect padel clothing indoors and in summer for men, but also women. Women can also opt for a sports bra which can provide them with comfort and support. You can also choose to practice this activity in a tank top.

For the bottom, it is often shorts that will be appropriate. We offer you different cuts and models to find the one with which you will feel most comfortable.

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Outdoors, the ideal outfit for summer will often be the same as that worn indoors. You can add a sweatshirt if the weather gets cooler or if it's a little windy. Playing padel outdoors is best done on sunny days or when the weather is just overcast.

If it's a little cold, you can choose a sweatshirt and swap your shorts for pants or leggings . A neck gaiter can also be added, especially for games on a cool morning, for example.

Choose your shoes wisely

More than the ideal padel clothing, it is also the shoes that must be the subject of a thoughtful choice. Indeed, they must have good fit and allow rapid movement while maintaining a certain level of comfort. Many brands offer shoe models designed for playing tennis and they will therefore be perfectly suitable for padel as well. So make sure you choose the right size by trying on your shoes with sports socks. Moreover, our selection also includes eco-responsible socks to add to your padel clothing for even more comfort.

Once your outfit is created, it can be worn during your padel games, but also tennis and many other sports for which it would be suitable.

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