Mathilde Canesse

A running specialist, Mathilde started 5 years ago by testing several distances, from 10k to marathons. Recently, she took up trail running.


Do the sand marathon

Distance préférée

The half marathon

Terrains de jeu

The Saint-Martin canal in Paris and the Côte Sauvage in Brittany

Meilleurs résultats

10K: 38:22 ; Half marathon: 1:23:30 ; Marathon: 3:10

Forces et faiblesses

I can squeeze a lot into my week and recover pretty quickly. On the other hand, running requires a lot of rigor and I still have a lot of trouble following a training plan to the letter.

Protect our playground


“At the same time as racing, I surf. And I realized that ocean pollution is a real problem. This is why with circle, which is an eco-responsible brand with a strong commitment, it allows me to take a step forward in respecting the environment and that is not insignificant. »

« Engaging with Circle allows me to take a step forward in respecting the environment. »

- mathilde canesse

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