At Circle we make sure that the products last as long as possible, but in sport we evolve and so do our clothes, they can also undergo repeated wear and damage. We also count on you to only buy what you really need!

We explain to you why and how your Circle clothes can give life to new clothes.

Solutions depending on the condition of your product


Your clothing is not damaged but you want to change it?

Opt for second hand


Is your clothing repairable?

Repair at Circle or together with a workshop to teach you how to repair your clothes


Is your clothing too damaged to be repaired?

Upcycling & personalization workshop with Circle


Is your clothing too damaged to be repaired or upcycled?

It will be recycled into new yarn or another product

recycle my product

Caring for your clothes

To help us make your Circle clothing last as long as possible we also need your help.

We can offer durable, quality materials and commit to repair, upcycling and end-of-life recycling, but without good maintenance all of this loses its value. The goal above all is for you to keep your clothing for a long time.

For sports clothing, the maintenance is different because it must be washed more often. If you haven't sweated in it and it isn't stained but it has picked up odors, don't hesitate to simply air it out.


It is better to wash your clothes at 30°C than at 40°C: this will increase their lifespan and prevent shrinkage and deterioration of the fiber.

Wash them with similar colors, without anti-fading wipes, they are very polluting. Softeners also alter the quality of the fiber. And above all, never put your Circle clothes in the dryer, the fibers will break.


Also avoid ironing, especially on stretch synthetics which do not really require it and can have an impact on the longevity of the fabric. Tencel™ also does not require ironing if it dries on a hanger.