Men's climbing shorts

Like any other sporting activity, climbing requires appropriate clothing.

particular. For sunny days and indoor practice, you can opt for a

climbing shorts for men. Practical, it will be perfect for maintaining a certain freedom of

movement and allow air to circulate freely!

Choosing the right climbing shorts for men

Men's climbing shorts are perfect clothing for practicing this activity. At Circle, you have the choice between our unisex men's and women's shorts, or our men's sports shorts . They are both cut above the knee which allows you to enjoy shorts
climbing shoes for men which will not hinder movements and which will make it easier to reach the desired holds with your feet.

The lightweight, water-repellent fabric of our shorts is perfect for letting perspiration escape and air circulate freely. 100% recycled, these models offer a classic cut and color that is very easy to match with any other climbing clothing .

Whether you want to enjoy the beauty of nature during a climbing session or want to train and push yourself indoors, our men's climbing shorts will be ideal! What's more, it can be worn for practicing many other sports such as running , boxing, yoga, football and others. Opting for this model will allow you to dress comfortably for all your sports sessions!

What to wear with your shorts?

For sunny days or indoor practices, what could be better than a t-shirt created in a circular economy . Our models are of good quality, well cut, with a timeless style, but also ethical and eco-responsible. A t-shirt from our collection will be perfect to complete your outfit. All you will need is eco-responsible socks, as well as shoes suitable for climbing.

When it comes to climbing equipment, it all depends on your practice. Harnesses, ropes, carabiners, safety lanyards, helmets and others can be found in sports stores. Get enough information to ensure you choose quality equipment and thus
limit the risk of falling and/or injury.