We all know this story: a stain on our favorite item of clothing, hours of trying to get it out... without success.
This is why we commissioned our experts to create a real anti-stain guide, to help you make your clothes last longer.

At the top of the anti-task guide list, we find:
- Dishwashing liquid which can be used to remove difficult stains, greasy stains etc.
- rubbing alcohol which is an excellent anti-grease agent, use it to loosen and eliminate difficult grease stains that are resistant to soap.

These two secrets will help you get rid of most of your tasks.

But sometimes we encounter accidents that are a little trickier.
So for these tasks, we reveal our best tips.

Red fruits
Dip the fabric in whey or lemon juice, then rinse in cold water and then again in hot water.
Machine wash normally.

Rinse as quickly as possible in cold water, then soak your garment in a basin of salt water.
If the stain is already dry, we recommend letting the product soak in water with a little ammonia.
Hot water should be avoided, the heat fixes the stain forever.

Grease, butter or motor oil
Clean with a good dishwashing liquid then machine wash as usual. You can also form a sort of paste with water and detergent, rub then leave for 30 minutes.

First, scrape the stain to remove as much material as possible.
Then, immerse the stained part of the garment in milk or a mixture of egg yolk and denatured alcohol for 10 minutes to remove the stain.
Finally, wash the garment in soapy water.

Rinse the area immediately with cool water, then repeat until the stain disappears.
For more stubborn stains, treat with liquid detergent or a paste made from powder detergent and water.
Leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing completely.
Do not let dry while the stain is visible.

To remove pine resin, use an ice cube to cool the area until it is completely frozen. Then scrape off any remaining residue before using a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the stain, then rinse with cool water.
If the stain persists, try removing it with liquid detergent. Leave to soak for 5 minutes, then follow the washing instructions. Do not dry your item until the resin is removed.

To begin, try patting the stain gently with a cotton ball or clean cotton cloth with a few drops of rubbing alcohol; several attempts may be necessary.
We recommend testing the alcohol on an invisible part of the garment first and allowing the fabric to dry.
If you don't see any discoloration, then you can repeat the operation on the stain and then dry it again.
Finally, clean the stain with an old toothbrush and dishwashing liquid and scrub until it is completely gone.

Now, stains will no longer hold any secrets for you and the result is clothes that last longer.

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