Ready to wear wood?

The Get Lucky collection is more than a sweatshirt, a hoodie or a pair of jogging pants. It is a forest of softness, made up of 80% wood fiber.
100% recyclable. 100% made in Europe.

It is a commitment. A revolution. A love story.

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The Get Lucky collection at a glance

Food for thought

We took the time to develop numerous options to offer you a unique material for

this Sportswear collection. Because transparency is at the heart of our mission, we want to

tell you more.

SoftWood_Tech material

Made up of 80% TencelTMModal, a material of natural origin from wood processing.

This wood comes from thinning, a practice applied in sustainable forestry. And because our commitment is 100% Europe, the wood harvest for this collection comes from Austria. Its transformation into yarn, weaving, knitting and dyeing are also 100% carried out in Europe.

The 0 impact sweatshirt

YES to SoftWood_Tech material, NO to cotton

The reasons for our choice:
- Because 1 hectare produces 10 times more TENCEL™ Modal than cotton.
- Because it takes 20x less water for TENCEL™ Modal than for cotton.
- Because it generates 0 pesticides
- Because the wood comes from sustainably managed forests (thinning practice)

Trying it means never leaving it

The advantages of this unique fabric? It is flexible, breathable and incredibly soft to the touch. Anti-odor, anti-bacterial and thermoregulating, it adapts to every moment of life.

So finding the right combination is sport. We tell you more in our article.

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Origine naturelle

d'origine naturelle

Made in Europe

made in europe

Sweatshirt jogging, a new playground with multiple combinations

The jogging-sweatshirt or jogging-hoodie duo has become a must-have in our wardrobes. Its big

advantage is that it adapts to all styles.

The first recce is of course before and after your sports session. The perfect opportunity to curl up in

a comfortable outfit, soft to the touch, ideal for absolute comfort. For absolute comfort.

Other options: go full urban style, with a sweatshirt and jogging suit. Or, make it part

centerpiece that counterbalances a classic look to give it relief.

It’s your turn #Protectourplayground

Circle in brief

Circle Sportswear is the first French sports brand in the circular economy which creates quality technical clothing for Running, Yoga and Training.

Environmental and social impact is at the heart of our mission. Innovation, at its origin.

In a room, a gymnasium, a forest, a street, or in the mountains. Where we want, how we want, when we want. So that everyone, whatever their level, can re-appropriate sport everywhere, all the time.

Circle opens another way to make sport more responsible, more sustainable and allow everyone to take care of themselves and the planet.

Sport is life. Life is sport.
Protect our playground.

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