Bootcamp clothing

Real hard training, bootcamp is renowned as being particularly intense and difficult. It is therefore recommended to opt for suitable bootcamp clothing before starting your sports session. Directly inspired by American army training, the bootcamp does not lack intensity and will also be suitable for those who want to opt for an outdoor activity. All you have to do is find your bootcamp outfit and let's go!

What is bootcamp?

Both fun and ultra-motivating, the bootcamp is training inspired by that practiced by soldiers in the American army. It can be practiced in the gym, but also outdoors in the form of courses or courses lasting several days. Muscle strengthening and cardio are at the heart of the training with exercises well known to everyone such as pull-ups, burpees, sprinting, push-ups, etc.

More than the exercises practiced, it is surpassing oneself as well as group cohesion which are also at the heart of these training sessions. The high intensity of the exercises allows you to try to surpass your own limits and the fact of forming a real group with the other participants is the opportunity to feel supported while supporting others.

What are the advantages of this activity?

There are several benefits to bootcamp. Just like HIIT or crosstraining, it requires the practice of high intensity exercises. It is therefore the ideal training to lose weight, but also to strengthen muscle mass effectively. People who experience intense stress on a daily basis or who simply wish to vary from their usual practice will find it a real release, perfect for freeing their minds and engaging the body as a whole.

As this is an intensive practice, it is not recommended to opt for a bootcamp more than twice a week. We can therefore vary with gentler practices such as yoga or swimming for example which will also stimulate the whole body without overly rushing it.

Which bootcamp clothing to choose?

The chosen bootcamp clothing must of course be adapted to the practice of this sport. Indoors, eco-responsible sports clothing will be particularly suitable. We are talking in particular about:

Outdoors, it may be necessary to cover up a little more depending on the weather. You can then opt instead for pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt or even a sweatshirt that you can remove during training once you are warmed up.

The choice of bootcamp clothing is of course important, but it is also the pair of shoes that you wear with your bootcamp outfit that will be important. We therefore opt for fitness shoes or even running shoes to complete our outfit. You can also ask the person who will give the course for advice on which bootcamp clothing and pair of shoes will be most appropriate.

How to find a bootcamp course?

Once you have the right bootcamp clothing to create your bootcamp outfit, you can then find a class to go to! As it is more of a collective practice, we therefore recommend joining a group course. They are found in particular in sports halls, but also offered by independent sports coaches. By doing some research online, you can easily find this type of course near you.

If you are looking for intensive practice, but prefer to train alone. You can put on your bootcamp outfit and call on a sports coach to enjoy an individual session or wear your bootcamp clothing for HIIT or crosstraining training that you can find online.