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Introducing Barbara

Today, we invite you to embark for 24 hours alongside Barbara. She shows you her FEEL GOOD routine as well as her favorite places. Immerse yourself in his world and discover what makes his days tick.

Hello Barbara, can you describe to us, in a few words, your typical day?

“During the week it varies a lot depending on my schedule and my appointments. I love spending long mornings playing sports or working on my personal projects. And sometimes it's just rest and a lie-in... Most of the time I often start my morning with calls or brainstorm sessions for “her” (I'll tell you about that a little later). I try to get them done as early as possible so I can finish everything before work.

Otherwise, I often go for a run in the morning. I love Paris and I love this beautiful city even more when it is empty and the quays are mine (with the few early birds runners). In these moments I feel like I have already done a lot of things before my work day starts at 10am.

In the evening, it all depends on whether it is Monday or Friday. But no matter what I do: a training session with the running club, an event or a dinner, I try to spend as much time as possible with people who are dear to me!”

Let’s talk a little about your work, what do you do for a living?

”So, I don't really like being defined solely by the title that is written in my contract. Alongside my professional activity, I am involved in a personal project called “ Her ”, a community for committed women. My goal is to bring together supportive people to discuss topics that are important to us such as personal development, health, well-being, sport, design and even art.

At the same time, I work as a project director at SocialClub , a communications and branding agency where I mainly work on the branding aspect (a term that can be difficult to understand).

To briefly explain, I often compare marketing to asking someone out on a date, while branding is about why the person will accept the invitation.

It's the same thing for brands, it's all a question of perception!
This is what I do in my life! Welcome to the club!”

Can you describe your sports routine to us?

“I am far from being a professional athlete (although some of my friends will tell you they disagree). I try to integrate two elements into my sports routine: calm practices and active practices.

Calm practice can take the form of a yoga session, stretching, a hike, strengthening exercises (yes, I consider it calm and I have to do a lot of it). For the active part it's mainly running even though I fell in love with surfing a few years ago and my soul belongs to the ocean.

Today, I am trying to adapt this sporting routine to a big event that awaits me in 2024. I was extremely lucky to win the bib for the Marathon for All which will take place during the Paris Olympics. next year. For the first time in history, amateur athletes will take the same route as the Olympic marathon. Honestly, I didn't believe it and it's a huge challenge for me that I can't wait to take on. Olympic training has started!”

What are you after, Barbara? Can you tell us more about what running brings you?

Sport makes me feel so good, for me it is not only a physical activity but also and above all a mental one. Running plays an essential role in my daily routine. A person once shared this advice with me: *“When you feel bad in your head, come back to your body, put on your sneakers and go for a few kilometers”*

I was having a tough time last year and had the bad instinct to stop running. It was by returning to running and setting myself a challenge for the semi that I realized how good it made me feel. It's a real therapy that made me change my approach to many things in my life. I also have a lot of good ideas that come to mind when I run, it's a form of meditation that allows me to be calm, to easily manage my stress and to flourish on a daily basis.

There's also another aspect of running when you're racing: it's the whole journey and training process that is extremely rewarding. Preparing with a group that supports you and encourages you to surpass yourself gives me a boost of confidence and it's after this feeling that I run. No matter how far I travel, every time I cross the finish line I can get a lot of emotion and there is nothing more rewarding.”

Can you share with us your tips for a good recovery?

“Drinking plenty of water, massages are life, or even physiotherapy sessions which help me treat injuries. Oh yes, and we often forget it, but quality sleep is the best recovery for me. I try to listen to my body, I think it's the most important.

Can you share with us your favorite route for your running outings?

“In Paris: The quays (only in the morning if it's summer otherwise it's not running but zigzagging to avoid crushing the afterworkers who are having their aperitif), the Canal Saint Martin or the Buttes Chaumont park.”

Can you share with us your tips for a healthy and delicious diet?

I think everyone has their personal needs and if there is one piece of advice it is to experiment and see what works best for you. Overall I think I mainly have a “pleasure” approach to food. I don't dare give advice because I am not a nutrition specialist. Personally I like to eat oatmeal porridge in the morning accompanied by raspberries, strawberries, bananas or other fruits. It's good, healthy and quick to make.

Barbara's favorite addresses

Café Partisan Artisanal - 36 R. de Turbigo, 75003 Paris

Ground to Grow - 28 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris

Café Berry - 10 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris

Thanks to Barbara for sharing her FEEL GOOD routine, her good addresses and above all for her joie de vivre and her dynamism throughout the day!
We can't wait to try it out and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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