Maxime Duval

Originally from Annecy, Maxime has always practiced different sports until falling in love with hockey, which he played for 7 years at a good level. When he arrived in Paris he discovered running to replace his favorite sport. It was after his first marathon that he decided to try triathlon, which he has been doing for 3 years now, mainly over long distances.


Being able to make a living from sport, encouraging as many people as possible to try running, whatever the level and allowing as many people as possible to exceed their limits.

Distance préférée

The 10km even if I really like the semi

Terrains de jeu

The track: it's simple, quick and perfect for doing quality sessions!

Meilleurs résultats

10km: 33'50 ; Semi: 1h18.

Forces et faiblesses

My strength in running is the mental aspect and my biggest weakness is never being satisfied with the result.

Protect our playground


“I like Circle for the community aspect, the fact of bringing together people from all walks of life with at least two things in common: the pleasure of running, the desire to dress responsibly and with style of course! I really liked the closeness that we can have with the team, whether to discuss everything and nothing but also to provide feedback on products and get involved in their design. »

« I like Circle for the community aspect, meeting people from all walks of life who share their passion for running and the environment. »

- Maxime Duval

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