Circle Sportswear yoga t-shirts:
a 100% recycled basic

A sober, elegant and timeless look, Circle Sportswear yoga T-shirts are surprisingly light.

Perfect for practicing yoga and Pilates, they are also ideal for more intense efforts

like running or tennis. The fabric made from up to 100% recycled fibers promotes

rapid evaporation of perspiration. Technical and efficient, Circle yoga T-shirts

guarantee well-being and comfort, at every moment of your practice. Discover the entire collection


Liberté de mouvement.

The yoga t-shirt, an essential for all your yoga sessions.

In the collective imagery, we think that adequate yoga outfit is leggings and a bra. However, the only rule to follow when choosing your yoga clothes is to feel comfortable and comfortable while wearing them.

For modesty's sake, you may prefer to wear a loose yoga T-shirt rather than a close-fitting bra. But that's not the only reason. A yoga class is punctuated by several sequences. Generally, a yoga class begins with a moment of awareness, of still centering. Then comes the time for postures , more or less dynamic depending on the type of yoga practiced. Then a space will be devoted to the practice of pranayamas, or breathing exercises. Finally, the time will come for relaxation, where lying on the ground we let ourselves be lulled by the waves of breathing.

In moments of calm and stillness, being able to cover yourself with a very soft and comfortable T-shirt will allow you not to feel cold and to be able to fully enjoy what is happening inside you. In more physical moments, such as performing several Sun Salutations or practicing inverted postures, you can remove your T-shirt and find more comfort and freedom in your movements simply wearing your bra. The important thing is to have the choice to feel good every moment of your yoga class!

The advantages of Circle Sportswear’s eco-responsible yoga t-shirts

Circle Sportswear yoga T-shirts are made from up to 100% recycled fabric to conserve natural resources. The materials used all come from Europe without exception, and the T-shirts are made in Portugal. This allows Circle Sportswear to be part of a short circuit approach, and therefore in a logic of sustainable development.

By choosing to wear Circle yoga T-shirts, you too are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By wearing your Circle yoga T-shirt, you know that you are part of a more united and responsible economy. Your yoga practice becomes ethical, and perfectly consistent with the very spirit of yoga which teaches respect for the environment in the same way as self-respect. `

The circularity model adopted by Circle Sportswear means that nothing is lost and everything is reused. As such, fabric scraps from the making of yoga T-shirts are used to make the lining of the bras. And to avoid any risk of overproduction, yoga T-shirts are produced on demand. By having little stock, Circle Sportswear respects the planet's resources. By pre-ordering your product, you are active in this change in mentality.

Circle yoga t-shirts are built to last. For community members, Circle Sportswear offers free repair and exchange. By donating your yoga T-shirt if it is worn, you have the guarantee that it will be recycled to give life to a new Circle product.