The Circle Sportswear pro-team shone during the iconic Valencia Marathon - 2023 edition !
Once again, our ambassadors have pushed their limits, surpassed their objectives and highlighted our common passion.
We invite you to relive this race through their captivating testimonies!


71st General Ranking Men

Top 15 French


Personal Record

”The race went extremely well for me. I am really satisfied with my performance and the time achieved. Ideally, I would have liked to go under 2 hours 15 minutes, but we're not going to ask for the moon, it's already very positive. Preparing for a marathon is often unpredictable, with ups and downs, injuries or adverse conditions. However, this time, everything came together, and I was able to run an excellent race. Our rigorous training in Font-Romeu allowed us not to find the distance difficult. I was very good, I felt comfortable from the start to the finish line. I followed the leading women's group aiming for a time of less than 2 hours 15. We maintained a good pace until around the 30-32nd kilometer. Around the 32nd kilometer, the first woman made a significant acceleration, passing under 3 minutes per kilometer. I tried to hang on, even though it was difficult. She slowed down after that, and I continued to follow her. In the last kilometers, seeing that the pace was dropping too much, I tried to accelerate, but I was unable to recover the lost time. Despite this, I am very satisfied because I did not suffer from the race, I really enjoyed it. I maintained total concentration, staying in my bubble and maintaining a constant pace, down to the second, from start to finish. I'm really happy and proud to have achieved my best performance so far. We often say that a marathon is successful when we think that we could have done better. In my case, I know this is the case. This was my second marathon and I love this distance. I’m looking forward to next year to do even better and continue to improve.”


62nd General Ranking Women

Top 10 French


Personal Record

“Participating in my first marathon was an incredible experience. I dreaded the possibility of feeling, at the end, the famous “never again” that many feel after crossing the finish line. Phew, I didn't have that feeling. The race went by super fast until around the 35 - 37th kilometer. I was on a great pace, I felt comfortable, and carried by the crowd. The day before, I wondered how I was going to manage to run the 42 kilometers when I was exhausted and unable to maintain the pace for only 1 kilometer. In the end, everything went well! The body is magical! It was incredibly resilient, even though I faltered a bit towards the end. I have very good memories and a good experience! Now I'm looking forward to getting back into training to prepare for the next events.

When people say that the marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I understand why. It's not just about the race on the day, but also all the preparation beforehand and the support of the people you meet along the way. It's real teamwork.

Sure, you're the one running, but for me, it's not an individual sport. It is, above all, a team sport because you need a team to train you, support you and encourage you to give the best of yourself.

The experience is simply incredible.”

Do you have any recommendations for those about to run their first marathon?

“If you're getting ready to run your first marathon, have confidence in your training and preparation. It's a great adventure where you discover your physical and mental strength. During the last week, take a step back and recharge your batteries with your loved ones. Nutrition and rest are very important. No need to load the last weeks: "It is better to be 20% undertrained than 1% overtrained", as a coach of the French marathon team said. During the marathon, ensure regular nutrition and do not delay in taking supplies. Break the kilometers into sections of 5 or 8 km to make the race easier mentally. Maintain a constant pace until 30/35 km, then accelerate if possible. The real test begins after the 25/30 km. Stay relaxed and focused despite the pain, because it's normal. Accept them, they are part of the game. Your reward will be upon arrival!

Personal Record

Goal achieved !
With my coach, we aimed for a time of 2:22.
At the finish, a 2:22:35 is displayed which allows me to beat my previous record by almost 8 minutes. I am extremely satisfied after a great preparation. At the start of the race, I had a relatively cautious start, with the first 5 kilometers being the slowest of my race. Afterwards, I quietly broke away from the group of runners I was with, because I found the pace a little slow. For 2 - 3 kilometers, I ran alone before joining another French runner with whom I raced until the 33rd kilometer. He speeds up a little and I decide to follow him from a distance. I delay my pace because I know there is still a way to go. Around the 35th kilometer, I felt a slight cramp in my hamstrings, so I decided to wait until the next refreshment point to rehydrate and, above all, eat.

Then, without any pain, I resumed my race, and over the last 4 kilometers, I gave everything, I said to myself, don't regret anything, go to the end until crossing the finish line with this superb time. I am very satisfied. Surprised that everything went so well. See you next year Valencia!
Do you have some tips to share with us for effective preparation?
  • Follow a training program adapted to YOUR level and above all not compare yourself to others.
  • Be gentle on increasing the kilometers to gradually teach the body to tolerate the distance and above all to accept the distance.
  • Stay regular in your training. Consistency is key to building endurance.
  • Maintain a balanced and sufficient diet to be able to nourish the muscle after exercise with proteins and healthy fats.
  • Remember that hydration before, during and after training is one of the keys to success.
  • Be alert for signs of fatigue or injury.
  • Rest and sleep are of great importance, they allow the body to recover and assimilate training.
  • Have a positive attitude. Self-confidence and the desire to succeed are crucial during long distances.


3:05 Personal Best

”Crazy atmosphere!

The Valencia Marathon is truly a record-breaking course! The end of my preparation was more complicated than expected, but the big day was crazy.

Encouragement, friends to motivate us all along the way! I finally managed to save my record in 3h05. A great day, thank you all for the high-fives.

This marathon will always remain an incredible experience, that’s for sure!”

The weekend was filled with emotions and strong performances were achieved by our ambassadors, after an intense period of preparation.

A huge congratulations to Clément, Salomé, Mathieu and Mathilde for taking up the challenge and pushing their limits!

Looking forward to next year for new feats!

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