Join the Circle Run Club! Meet every Wednesday at 7 p.m. for running outings supervised by our athlete ambassadors. Outings accessible to all runners and 100% free!

Departure from the Barracks: 12 rue Philippe de Girard, 75010 Paris

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To find out more about the training program , the team and the challenges , visit

directly on the platform !

To sign up, nothing simpler

Follow the 4-step guide:

1- you create your profile - add your photo, it's always nicer!
2- you choose the training(s) in which you wish to participate. The watchword: regularity
3- you are informed of the latest news from the club and the Circle brand
4- you interact on the chat with all the members of the group whenever you want

Child's play !

Come on, let’s join you for the warm-up!


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If you want to track your progress, join the Strava group! A good way to learn more about your practice.


The Circle Run Club in Annecy

Meet every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. from Canailles to Annecy for running outings, suitable for all runners and 100% free.

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