The Circle x Saint James collaboration

After a first collaboration in 2020 and strong on shared common values, Circle has once again joined forces with the French ready-to-wear house Saint James to offer the new running capsule, made in Europe and 100% recyclable. The common challenge: reinterpreting the maritime heritage of Saint James with a sportswear line respecting a strict circular model.

The universe of SAINT JAMES is not that far from that of Circle. We share the same approach to recycling, quality materials and style. The idea is once again to move away from marine codes and towards a more sporty, more urban universe .”

Luc Lesénécal - President Saint James

This capsule collection, available in a limited and co-signed edition of seven ethical and technical pieces, celebrates French know-how, local production and the use of high-performance and sustainable materials.

This collaboration offers the best of both worlds, eco-responsible and recyclable materials and made in France. It is by innovating and joining forces between French brands that we will be able to gradually change this industry and have a greater impact .”

Romain Trebuil - Co-founder and CEO Circle

A 100% eco-responsible capsule

We are mutually committed to this collaboration with a requirement for circularity. We tell you more.

Let's start with the notion of short circuit. From the place of waste collection to manufacturing, including processing, spinning, dyeing, knitting and delivery of the garment to the warehouse in Paris, an average of 4,648 km were covered. traveled across Europe to create this unique running capsule. To give a point of comparison, a product traveling from Guanzhou (China) to Le Havre by boat means 45,000 km traveled.

Special mention for the making of the FLOW top in Saint James in the heart of the Saint James brand workshops but also for the weaving and coloring of the SWELL shorts made in France (Bourgoin-Jallieu). cock-a-doodle Doo 🐓

Now let's talk about the materials that make up this capsule. They have a dual origin: natural (micromodalTM) and recycled synthetic.

Indeed, the micromodal used for top FLOW is an artificial fiber made from beech wood grown in sustainably managed forests. The advantages of this material are numerous: soft to the touch, thermoregulating, anti-odor, anti-bacterial fabric to provide a durable garment suitable for cool temperatures.

As for recycled synthetic materials, they come from plastic bottles and textile waste such as thread, fabric and fishing nets. The main objective is to reuse existing and polluting waste and thus not create new one.

For example, nearly 7,500 plastic bottles were used in the production of SWELL shorts.

The advantage of recycled synthetic materials is that they offer technical properties adapted to sporting activities: lightness of the fabric, quick drying, breathable material and resistance to friction.

Finally, the clothes that make up this capsule are 100% recyclable. What exactly do we mean by recyclable clothing?

Get ready, it’s decryption time!

When the garment reaches the end of its life (our commitment is that this stage happens as late as possible), there are three options.

1- The garment is damaged, it can be repaired: we have a repair service in Paris. We can also show you how to fix it for future times.

2- The garment is damaged, it cannot be repaired but can be transformed: we offer creative upcycling workshops.

3- The garment is damaged, it cannot be repaired: we send it to our partner to recycle it.

Each stage of recycling after use is done in France. Clothing is collected, cleaned, sorted by composition, disassembled, ground into “flakes” for mechanical recycling and depolymerized for chemical recycling. Then these flakes are dehydrated, dried and polymerized to become granules again. If the material has not lost its strength, durability and performance, our partner transforms it into yarn with a spinner using the extrusion process (melting the granules to become a yarn). It is then knitted/woven again. If the pellets cannot be reused to make new fabric, they will be melted down to make small objects. We also test all of our products to find out what they will be recycled into: new yarn or other object.

This process applies to the entire Circle collection including the Saint James capsule.

Made In France - The choice of excellence

One of the key pieces of this capsule is the FLOW top. It is the very praise of French know-how.

It was made in the Norman workshops of Saint James, near Mont-Saint-Michel. The Saint James workshops are more than 200 enthusiasts gathered in one workshop. From master knitters to seamstresses to seamstresses, these are artisans who excel in their specialty to design high-quality pieces. This is evidenced by the Living Heritage Company (EPV) label awarded to the Saint James brand by the State in 2012, which distinguishes French companies with excellent artisanal and industrial know-how.

The Flow t-shirt is a fine example of this excellence: it is the result of 15 successive steps carried out by hand between the patterning of the t-shirt and its bagging, including embroidery and the assembly of the different elements by overlock or in topstitching.

Discovery of the capsule by Michel and Ève

It was in Saint James itself that the photo shoot for the capsule took place with our two ambassadors Michel Biel and Ève Dumon.

On the program: the discovery of the Saint James workshops and an unusual place, the meandering Mont St Michel.

A unique spot, capricious weather which gave the photos a superb tone and a joyful and relaxed atmosphere.

Here is the secret sauce of this Norman day!

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