Ecology at the peak of performance

Passionate about the power of the mountain and its impact on runners, the Circle x Au Vieux Campeur collaboration aims to encourage athletes to surpass themselves, explore new peaks and feel the excitement and freedom that comes with conquering 'a more responsible trail running world.

Conquering the urban and the natural

Circle x Au Vieux Campeur celebrates the fusion between the urban and the natural in the practice of trail and running. Whatever your playground, this collaboration sets out to conquer nature wherever it is found. Urban and contemporary designs. Colors inspired by the surrounding nature. Each piece embodies the meeting between two worlds, creating a unique and committed style.

Circle x Au Vieux Campeur

By focusing on products that combine performance and eco-responsibility, Circle x Au Vieux allows all runners to move effortlessly from the urban environment to the grandeur of the mountains. Designed with the latest technical and ecological advances, discover flexible, light and breathable materials! Whether in the city or in the mountains, these trail running essentials will accompany you on all your sporting adventures.

Tested and approved by Maxime Médard

“My journey in rugby, rich in 63 selections for the French team and my 5 TOP 14 championship titles, has allowed me to push my limits and aim for excellence. With Circle and Au Vieux Campeur, we share the same vision: raising awareness in the world of sport of the importance of ecology." - Maxime Médard

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