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The weekend of September 24 and 25, 2022 took place the Tours Marathon in which Circle participated sportingly and responsibly.

A collaboration which materialized with a new generation finisher T-shirt that Circle specially designed for the occasion.

A great way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this event. We tell you everything.

The Tours Marathon – Sport, Party and Commitment

Known as one of the biggest running events in France, the Tours Marathon - Marathon, 10 and 20 km of Tours - was created in 1982.

Each year, more than 12,000 runners and almost as many spectators take part in this event, which is both festive and sporting.

Sunday September 25, the 10,933 participants were happy to find themselves with ideal weather for runners, no rain and not too hot. Regardless of the race chosen, 10, 20 or 42 km, each runner had their objective: to surpass themselves, to compare themselves, to win, or to have fun.

The Marathon's slogan "Believe it's possible" unites us around the same project, that of bringing those involved in the sporting world into a new era of more responsible sport.

Sustainable development and responsible purchasing

Since December 16, 2021, the Organizing Committee of the Tours Marathon, 10 and 20km, has become a signatory of the “Charter of 15 eco-responsible commitments for major sporting events by 2024” which was developed by the Ministry of Sports and WWF France.

This charter brings together event organizers and equipment managers around the same objective: accelerating the ecological transition in sport and changing behavior towards more sustainable practices.

The signing of this charter is coupled with a responsible purchasing policy, particularly in the choice of suppliers and one of the first steps was to give up polyester bags since 2021

But the big news on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the event is the t-shirt that we eco-designed together and which allows the Tours Marathon to become the first race in France to offer runners a sustainable and responsible t-shirt made in Europe and made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Eco-responsibility in sport is a long-distance race

Moving the lines takes a long time, even when you run fast. And in sport, certain traditions die hard. This is the case of the “finisher” t-shirt which is offered in races.

The biggest problem? The vast majority of these t-shirts are made at the end of the world from oil and are not recyclable.

If they have a symbolic value or allow you to display your race results, these t-shirts often end up at the back of the closet, either because they are not popular or considered insufficiently technical. Not to mention the quantity that even ends up in the trash.

It's not easy to change mentalities like going from a free t-shirt to a paid t-shirt.

But when the technicality , the quality and authenticity are there, we can only support the coherence of the approach.

This is a project that took time and is an accomplishment for the Circle team and the brand's commitment.

A little over a year ago, we met the leaders of the Tours Marathon. They too were wondering what alternative to offer to the finisher t-shirt.

The evidence is that it was difficult to give it up because many runners were proud to wear it.

We therefore thought together about a sustainable solution: a 100% recycled and recyclable t-shirt and 100% made in Europe. Italy for the material and Portugal for the assembly.

The challenge: desirability versus free.

No obligation to purchase but the t-shirt was offered at the unprecedented price of €14 upon registration.

What pride because almost a third of the runners have purchased the product and to whom we look forward to seeing you for the next 40 years!

Alone we go faster, together we go further

At Circle, it's much more than an expression. Because the product is only the visible face of the iceberg.

Beyond the co-creation of a desirable t-shirt that is faithful to the city of Tours, the reflection on a profitable economic model, we also worked on the creation of educational content on the circular economy for organizers and also participants.

Because what we like is making an impact through ricochets!

Our collaboration with the Tours Marathon marks the start of a great adventure. We hope this inspires other sporting event organizers. To the wise, the message got through :)

A concrete impact that gives wings

New source of income for our partners and commitment to the planet, the impacts are both qualitative and quantitative.

And more concretely, the impact of this race which brought together more than 11,000 runners is proof that we are moving in the right direction:

💯Thousands of t-shirts ordered on demand;

😊 Runners satisfied with a quality and committed product... like them;

💧 +175,140 liters of water saved, this is the equivalent of +2,000 showers;

⚡ 11,220 kg of CO2 saved, enough to go around the Earth 10 times by car

We can only thank the team from the city of Tours and the organization of the 10/20 kms for being a pioneer and for being able to implement this change and become a game changer in this industry.

The 10 km of Tours – a sporting, cultural and human journey!

The 10 km of Tours is a route that gives pride of place to culture, the city and nature: this loop starting from Place Anatole France gives the opportunity to discover both the banks of the Loire and the monuments such as the Abbey of Marmoutier.

5967 courageous people were there for the 10 km in Tours. Among them was the Mayor of the city, Emmanuel Denis, who proudly wore our T-shirt and who reached his 50-minute goal!

What emotion to see nearly 2000 runners in Circle, in a wave in the brand's emblematic color, Navy blue.

The Circle team traveled en masse for this event.

7 team members including our ambassadors Mathieu Muller , Mathilde Canesse And Maxime Duval took the start. 1 podium and it is feminine. We are proud of our champions.

For some, it was their first 10km. Big up to Laura or Léna from the Circle team! It was a wave of emotions that greeted them upon arrival!

The racing season is open

The Tours Marathon marked the start of the racing season for Circle.

But we have been preparing for it for a while, particularly with the weekly meeting of the Circle Run Club .

And as we are committed to supporting you in your efforts, we have a wealth of advice and clothing to help you perform even better in your races.

Find advice from our ambassador Yosi in the runner's training guide .

Novice, or advanced, cold or warmed up, whatever your level, and whatever the weather, you can also draw from the wardrobe of the committed athlete.

Our recommendation:

Gentlemen, the long-sleeved t-shirt Motivation was designed for all your outdoor adventures this winter. Its duo, compression shorts Hit The Road or even the shorts One For All complete the outfit . Rather short sleeve? Opt for the t-shirt Agility Or Iconic . You will fall in love with their light material promoting rapid evaporation to stay dry. Ladies, our latest bra Level up which offers support suitable for running and impact sports, is perfect for pounding the pavement. Its sidekick, leggings Get In Shape , will follow you everywhere while keeping you dry. More of an outdoor sport? Test the Motivation long sleeve t-shirt without further delay. Like a second skin, it retains heat and wicks away moisture, guaranteeing optimal comfort over the miles traveled. You will have a hard time parting with it ;)

Ready, fire, go!

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