Women's sports tank tops

The Circle Sportswear women's sports tank top: the essential for all demanding sportswomen

Indoor or outdoor, being sporty is in a way respecting a form of ecology towards oneself. We try to train our body so that it is in shape. We seek to take care of our diet to be efficient during the effort. We also seek, whatever the practice, to find and then cultivate a form of connection with ourselves. Yoga, Pilates, running, tennis or fitness, the objective is the same: to feel your body, and to align your mind with it.

Among most sportsmen and women, this “ecological” self-awareness is found on an even broader dimension: respect for the environment, and the desire to move to effectively protect the planet's resources.

Thanks to Circle Sportswear sportswear, and in particular the Get Comfy women's tank top, sportswomen of all levels will be able to reconcile their demand for ever more comfortable and high-performance materials, and their aspiration for a better world, more respectful of nature. .

The Circle sports tank top: the ethical choice for all sportswomen who want to protect nature

Realizing that things need to change, that they can be improved, all sports fans know this. It already means looking at your own consumption habits, and changing those that need to be changed.

If you need to buy a sports tank top for your next run, Jazz dance or Iyengar yoga session, you might as well choose an eco-responsible, ethical and sustainable product , designed in materials that help preserve natural resources.

A tank top is an essential piece of sports clothing for all physical activities . Seasoned sportswoman or more casual, choosing a tank top made from recycled fabric is a gesture that goes beyond the simple purchase . If every athlete in the world bought recycled clothing, the sportswear industry would surely take note.

Circle sports tank top: comfort for all women and all sports

Whether loose or closer to the body, a women's sports tank top must be made from a breathable fabric . It must allow healthy ventilation of the skin. A good tank top should also help wick away perspiration. It must dry quickly and not leave marks.

At Circle, we have chosen a loose cut for our tank tops Get Comfy . Many women wear a bra under their sports tank top. And they want to be able to remove it and put it back easily depending on the period of their session or training. A loose cut allows precisely this freedom, just as it also offers a greater feeling of freedom in movement .

Circle women's tank top: when a basic becomes durable, highly technical sportswear

With the women's tank top Get Comfy , Circle goes further in technical performance. It is made from 90% fabric made from scrap wood with a special fiber: lyocell .

Lyocell comes from the latest research in textile innovations for greater technical performance and more respect for the environment. This is a material with a very smooth and elegant appearance, which offers a rare feeling of softness. Lyocell clothing is comfortable, light, breathable . But these are not the only advantages of lyocell:

  • Thanks to its resistance, lyocell is a model of sustainability
  • Thanks to its powerful moisture absorption capacity, lyocell also has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Thanks to the softness of the fibers and the fact that it keeps the skin dry, lyocell is ideal for sensitive skin.

Women's sports tank top Circle Sportswear Get Comfy is a must-have for all sportswomen who want the best for themselves and the world around them.