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Circle Sportswear non-slip and eco-responsible yoga mat: for a comfortable and environmentally friendly practice

The yoga mat is certainly considered an accessory for the practice of asanas or meditation. However, it is far from being just a simple detail. Many yoga studios ask their student yogis to come to classes with their own mat. If you practice at home or if you wish to continue your morning Sun Salutations on vacation or while traveling, you will of course need to equip yourself.

Investing in the purchase of a yoga mat is therefore essential. But be careful not to choose it lightly. Because the quality of your practice (and all the physical and psychological benefits you will derive from it) obviously depends on you, but also on your mat!

At Circle Sportswear, we offer you a high-end non-slip yoga mat , extremely resistant and above all eco-responsible . Because “being in Yoga” is being in communion with yourself, but also with nature.

The 2 essential criteria for a good yoga mat: being non-slip and of the right thickness

Were you thinking of using your gym mat or your Pilates mat for your yoga sessions? You will only have to try it once to see for yourself that this type of equipment is completely unsuitable. Yoga is a separate discipline, and to benefit from all the virtues of a regular practice, whether the latter is dynamic or more oriented towards meditation, it is necessary to acquire a very specific type of mat.

A non-slip yoga mat

For a yoga mat, being non-slip is essential . Even when the effort provided is moderate, the body sweats. The soles of the feet and palms of the hands very often become a little sweaty.

No need to do a series of postures intensively to feel this warmth. A simple Downward Dog held for a few seconds already raises the body temperature. And if your bare feet or hands slip on your yoga mat, the posture will be anything but comfortable and profitable. The non-slip property of a yoga mat is therefore absolutely essential for the quality of your practice. A non-slip yoga mat guarantees comfort and stability in all asanas . Whether you practice Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga or Hatha Yoga, this is the number 1 criterion!

A yoga mat 4 to 6 mm thick

Here again, thickness is a criterion of choice for your yoga mat. It should neither be too thin nor too thick . Most beginner students find yoga mats between 4 and 6 mm thick too thin. But very quickly, they reconsider their judgment. Because this thickness allows you to provide the necessary comfort while preserving good stability on the ground , particularly in standing postures and balanced postures.

Furthermore, there is a lot of talk about a form of connection with the Earth in the practice of yoga. With a thicker carpet, it will be absolutely impossible for you to feel this precious and beneficial anchoring.

Do yoga and act to protect the environment thanks to the ecological and eco-responsible mat from Circle Sportswear

“Classic” commercially available yoga mats come from petrochemicals. They are made with synthetic materials whose production is the most polluting and toxic for the planet. How then can we feel a connection to the Earth that is healthy and consistent with the principles of yoga?

Circle Sportswear is a sportswear and accessories brand committed to protecting the environment and preserving natural resources .

How ?

By focusing on the principle of Circularity , a vision of creation and holistic production, just as yoga is a holistic practice by being both a physical and spiritual discipline.

Concretely ?

Circle Sportswear's non-slip yoga mats are made from recycled products from polluting resources. In other words, Circle's ecological yoga mats are eco-responsible because they help to "detoxify" the planet and their manufacturing produces no waste .

Ultra resistant and durable , by choosing a Circle non-slip yoga mat you are choosing responsible consumption , in resonance with the foundations of yoga. And there is no doubt that this choice will modify your perception in each posture. Even the simplest one like Tadasana , the Mountain, where with your feet together anchored in the ground you will feel the energy of the Earth running through your entire body.