HIIT outfit with Circle Sportswear

To gain muscle mass and lose weight quickly and effectively, HIIT training is very often recommended. Intense, it nevertheless requires that you be sufficiently prepared to avoid any injury and this includes choosing a HIIT outfit, but also suitable shoes. You can then devote yourself to your training to let off steam and obtain the desired results!

What is HIIT?

Before talking about the most appropriate HIIT outfit, it is worth remembering what exactly this practice is. When we talk about HIIT it brings to mind what we call High Intensity Training. This training consists of phases of high intensity actions followed by active recovery. Its goal is to draw on reserves to burn as many calories as possible. Most often, we will alternate 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds of recovery.

HIIT can be practiced with group classes which will for example be offered in a gym, but you can also choose to practice it alone with the help of an online video or even an application for example. .

What are the benefits of HIIT?

If HIIT is so popular with certain athletes, it is because it allows you to obtain results that you will not find in certain other practices. Indeed, it seems that a HIIT session allows you to burn 25% to 30% more calories than other activities such as jogging for example. Furthermore, metabolism remains increased several hours after exercise, which allows you to continue consuming calories. More than the calories burned, HIIT also allows you to strengthen your muscle mass effectively.

This practice is particularly suitable for people who want to change their body by losing weight, but also by gaining muscle. It also brings benefits at the mental level since it is a real practice of surpassing oneself. This release of steam can also be a very interesting solution against stress.

What HIIT outfit to wear?

HIIT is an intense practice which therefore requires adequate clothing. It can be practiced with different activities, but most often they are fitness exercises which will be offered through online courses and videos.

For women, several possibilities can be considered such as:

  • Ethical leggings or shorts depending on your preference, but also the temperature of the place
  • The yoga bra with sufficient support which is essential to preserve the chest, especially during skipped exercises.
  • The yoga t-shirt or sports tank top according to your preference and comfort

For men, the ideal HIIT outfit can also vary according to their preferences with clothing like:

The ideal HIIT outfit can also vary depending on what you want for the day. However, there is still one thing that you absolutely must pay attention to when it comes to your HIIT outfit: shoes. As the exercises are intense during a session, the shoes for your HIIT outfit must absolutely be well chosen. We therefore opt for quality models, adapted for exercises practiced with sports shoes.
fitness for example for an indoor class. We make sure they are the right size and we also remember to complete your HIIT outfit with a good pair of socks.

How to get started?

If you are used to doing sports alone, you can definitely try HIIT at home. Just take a look online to find a video course or an application that offers tailor-made sessions. If you are a novice or simply want to be accompanied and encouraged, you can opt for a group lesson. We find them in particular provided in sports halls at several times of the day depending on the day.